Sept. 1, 2022

PipemanRadio Interviews Cris Hodges

PipemanRadio Interviews Cris Hodges

On this episode of the Adventures of Pipeman, Pipeman talks to Cris Hodges. Cris is a killer vocalist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

After a chat about the different climates in California and the UK, as well as riding bikes, Pipeman and...

On this episode of the Adventures of Pipeman, Pipeman talks to Cris Hodges. Cris is a killer vocalist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

After a chat about the different climates in California and the UK, as well as riding bikes, Pipeman and Cris reminisce about some of their memories of California in the metal scene during the 80’s. Pipeman says he tells his kids stories about the sunset strip and they don’t believe him.

Cris and Pipeman continue to share their incredible stories of days gone by, about life in Texas and California as well as some of the awesome shows they have seen in their times, before moving on to a discussion about artists being boxed into a single genre.

To check Cris out, be sure to search him up on Spotify to get all the music. You can also connect with him on Instagram and TikTok where he answers messages all the time. There’s some new music coming out on October 7th and some tours coming in the future so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that.



“No rules, only vibes” is the motto Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and engineer CRIS HODGES lives by when it comes to creating new music. When he’s not fronting both the acclaimed Linkin Park tribute act In The End–who’ve played stadium and festival stages across the nation in addition to appearing on several late night tv shows–and the heavy rock group Pistols At Dawn or writing music for some of the biggest blockbuster hits (Top Gun: Maverick, Baywatch), HODGES is working on music for his new solo project. On the forthcoming debut solo album, BLACK HOLE MAGIC, due October 7, HODGES combines his passion for making music that helps and inspires people with his extraordinary diverse vocal range across multiple genres from EDM, rock and metal to pop, country and blues.

Today, July 14, HODGES has revealed the new single “Devil In Charge,” with an anime music video featuring synchronized footage from the popular tv series “Jujutsu Kaisen” seen streaming below or via YouTube HERE. “Devil In Charge” will be released across all digital platforms this Friday, July 15. Pre-save it HERE.

Equal parts self-starting entrepreneur and versatile songsmith, HODGES is a native Texan who moved to Los Angeles after responding to a Craigslist ad looking for a talented session vocalist for film and TV. There he developed his skill set as a topline specialist, vocal performer and composer, working behind the scenes with Paramount Pictures, Sony, Nickelodeon and Riptide Music Group, among others. Inspired by Boyz II Men, Michael Jackson, and Ace Of Base as a young child informed his pop sensibilities while his teenage discovery of alt-rock icons like Stone Temple Pilots and Jane’s Addiction introduced the mixture of heaviness and emotionalism that’s also become central to the music he makes today.

BLACK HOLE MAGIC showcases his fearless artistry and unique vision across 13 tracks of unashamed, unapologetic, spirited music. “Recent years have liberated people. There are no more rules, dogmas, or preconceived notions about genres,” HODGES says. “Let’s listen to whatever the hell we want to listen to if it makes us feel good.”

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