Lyndia Evjen- President of WIFT Nashville
Hendersonville Chamber Ambassador
Founding Member HOLIDAYFEST
Managing Partner OSTEOSTRONG Sumner County
Past President of Newcomers Club

Donna Caldwell- has a diverse entertainment resume, with nearly thirty years of industry experience behind her. She has acquired expertise in the areas of public relations, journalism, artist development, television production, music publishing, clearance, supervision and licensing.

As a publicist, she worked with a small boutique PR firm, with a clientele that included comedians, (Cheech Marin), child stars (Todd Bridges) and actors on their way to stardom (Lawrence Fishburne and Regina King). She spent two years at Original Sound Records in Hollywood, coordinating career development of the label’s artists, and organizing public appearances, promotional tours, radio stops and in-stores before she was offered a position in Paramount Television’s Music Division.

Morelia Cuevas -Owner of Rhinstones and Outlaws, Co-Host and Ex Producer of “Rock U Nashville,” P.R. and curator of “Manuel” and board member/event coordinator of Nashville Women in Film and Television.

Co-Host are Terri Marie, Natasha Rumbos, and Rachel Roberts.

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