June 4, 2022

PipemanRadio Interviews DUSTY GRANT

PipemanRadio Interviews DUSTY GRANT

On this episode of the Adventures of Pipeman, Pipeman speaks to Dusty Grant, who has some badass music that everyone should check out

Dusty starts by giving his background in music and how it all started for him, saying he went to Nine Inch Nails...

On this episode of the Adventures of Pipeman, Pipeman speaks to Dusty Grant, who has some badass music that everyone should check out

Dusty starts by giving his background in music and how it all started for him, saying he went to Nine Inch Nails as his first concert when he was 12 or 13, and then went on to his college years where he would grab the mic at parties and just grew from there

Pipeman speaks briefly on Welcome to Rockville where a bunch of artists didn’t get to play due to some evacuations because of the weather, as Dusty shares his experience of when a venue he was at was struck by lightning and fried everyone’s equipment. They go on to discuss some of the problems they’ve run into from shows in the past

Dusty talks about how singing came to him at a later stage in his life and about how he feels like he’s always learning and everyone is on a different journey. Pipeman resonates with him and says his own voice sucks because he didn’t put enough into it. Dusty also mentions how people say to him they’re frustrated when they try and pick up the guitar and he always suggests people learn different songs until they find one that sounds good and learn up from there.

Pipeman then asks Dusty about the new song Oceans, which he explains he wrote the song after a couple of his friends had committed suicide and another was paralyzed, which was a low point in his life. At that point he had to write something down to let his emotions out and eventually it manifested itself as Oceans

You can check Dusty out at dustygrant.com where you can find all of his information, and of course on all major social media platforms which you can find him by searching Dusty Grant. Check Dusty out on YouTube too where he has a music video up and another one coming around the corner.

Dark Rock artist DUSTY GRANT has revealed the official music video for the debut single from his newly, fully formed band, "Oceans"! Written and produced by GRANT and JASON CATLETT (with additional production duties as well as recorded and mixed by CHRIS DAWSON) with mastering by MIKE KALAJIAN, the music video for "Oceans" was directed by JT IBANEZ.

“’Oceans is’ the first song I wrote with my lead guitar player Jason Catlett to introduce the full-band sound. We wrote it together after we experienced the unexpected loss of a close mutual friend. We'd been friends and worked together for a long time around the scene in a lot of different capacities, but this was actually the first song we wrote together and will be the first Dusty Grant full-band release. It's a song with a deep meaning to all of us in the band." - DUSTY GRANT

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