Nov. 3, 2021

PipemanRadio Interviews Sara Banta About Diabetes Part 1

PipemanRadio Interviews Sara Banta About Diabetes Part 1

On this episode of The Adventures of Pipeman, The Pipeman speaks with a regular guest speaking about health and wellness with Sara Banta. The topic is about diabetes. She has found a way to reverse diabetes naturally in 30 days. Does not include shots...

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On this episode of The Adventures of Pipeman, The Pipeman speaks with a regular guest speaking about health and wellness with Sara Banta. The topic is about diabetes. She has found a way to reverse diabetes naturally in 30 days. Does not include shots or insulin. Talking about type 2 diabetes. Diabetes is insulin. It means access urine production enriched with glucose. When glucose get too high the body releases through urine. Not a disease of blood sugar. Type 1 to little of insulin. Type 2 to much insulin. The insulin amount given to type 2 diabetics cause the insulin to become worse, and the disease becomes worse which leads to death. People don’t die a diabetes they die of the other diseases caused by diabetes. Insulin’s job is to store fat for survival. Changing your insulin will make you gain weight. Other forms of diabetes are Type 1.5 some who has type 2 but with time they develop an auto immune disease. Causes the body to attack the beta cells shuts down the pancreas. also called LATA – Laten Auto Immune diabetes of adults. They stop producing insulin altogether. There’s double diabetes. Type 1 diabetes where there is destruction of the beta cells who eat to much glucose. Increase insulin to access sugars intake. Gestational diabetes for woman who are pregnant. Pregnancy is naturally insulin resistant. Breast feeding helps reverse. Type to increases along with the child. MODI Mature onset diabetes of youth is a genetic deficiency type of diabetes. Looks like type 1. Beta cells are there just somethings missing pancreas can’t produce it. Can be corrected with meds or good diet. Type 3 diabetes also known as dementia or Alzheimer’s the brains no longer and use the glucose for energy. Brain cells start dying.

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