April 24, 2022

PipemanRadio Interviews Sara Banta About Sugar Cravings

PipemanRadio Interviews Sara Banta About Sugar Cravings

The Pipeman interviews Sara Banta. Todays they are talking about sugar cravings. There's not just one reason that makes you crave sugar, and there are three reasons they give you that need for the sweet taste. We have three parallel pathways in the...

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The Pipeman interviews Sara Banta. Todays they are talking about sugar cravings. There's not just one reason that makes you crave sugar, and there are three reasons they give you that need for the sweet taste. We have three parallel pathways in the body to recognize and seek that sweet taste, and these three pathways are based on increasing. Dopamine levels in the brain. Now, dopamine is what we're striving for with cocaine and heroin. So just keep that in the back of your mind. But heroin and cocaine, they have one pathway to the brain. We're talking about three parallel pathways when it comes to sugar. So, when you talked about heroin and cocaine, it’s. More addictive to be a hooked-on sugar than it is on any other drug. And This is why dopamine is that happy, feel-good hormone that our brain seeks and rewards behavior that trigger a release for it. So, whether we're talking about gambling, sex, money work food sweets drugs alcohol it's all the same dopamine hit the brain's desire for that dopamine hit can lead to an addictive behavior regardless of what it is and that reinforces the seeking of dopamine. Taste of sweet and this is what we it's kind of a no brainer. It's when you have that perception of taste that leads to you seeking more sweet containing foods. This sweet taste that triggers a neural circuitry to crave more of that thing. To seek out something else, to fill that craving. Sugar and sweet taste in this include non-caloric sweeteners have an incredible ability to release dopamine. This is especially true when you're ingesting sweet liquids due to that quick and concentrated delivery system of the sweetness without the fiber. or the active chewing to blunt the rise of dopamine. Path pathway #1 Pathway 2 is what you touched on when we started, and this is called the post ingestive dopamine response. So, in addition to our perception of sweets as we are eating them and it effect on dopamine, there's this post ingestive response that. reinforces our desire for sugar and this occurs in the gut where our bodies registering food that increases blood glucose this occurs about 15 minutes after you've eaten the food but the neurons in our got registered when we eat glucose or anything that will raise blood sugar it's signals to the brain through the vagus nerve to the nodose ganglion to the nucleus of the solitary truck track you don't have to remember any of that and they also trigger activation of dopamine pathways within this reward pathway of the brain. The blood glucose rises this pathway encourages sugar cravings that the gut is registering a food that will increase your blood glucose, and this is a survival mechanism in which the body and the brain prefer glucose for energy. So as soon as it registers of food that will. raise your blood glucose it will seek more than that from the neural pathways that seek savory salt or bitter foods. The body is hardwired to seek out sweet, sweet foods since the nervous system and many cells in the body in the brain run on glucose. So, they want it. Part of this intelligence system includes the ability of your liver's ability to turn fructose into glucose. and even protein into glucose through a process called gluconeogenesis so all animals not just people prefer sugary taste to non-sugary taste for this reason. Berberine is the natural form that's the equivalent of the metformin, and it helps support pathogenic and bacterial balance in the body, but it also helps improve blood sugar digestion and helps with weight management. And the HCL helps breakdown the proteins and fats. if you have an issue with protein breakdown or digestion it's very effective in keeping that blood glucose from rising too high and it also slows down the rise in the in the blood glucose and the dopamine. so, you are going to store fat and gain weight just by not sleeping regardless of what you eat or don’t eat. Walking for 10 minutes after each meal by taking that short walk. the rise in blood sugar slowed and so is the rise in dopamine and this will dampen the for more sugar.

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