March 2, 2022

PipemanRadio Interviews Suzi Moon about Animal

PipemanRadio Interviews Suzi Moon about Animal

The Pipeman interviews Suzi Moon. Suzi is the number 1 longest interview the Pipeman has. There are a lot of female fronted bands. There needs to be more females in music. Suzi always tries to be more supportive of that. Everyone is welcome so she...

The Pipeman interviews Suzi Moon. Suzi is the number 1 longest interview the Pipeman has. There are a lot of female fronted bands. There needs to be more females in music. Suzi always tries to be more supportive of that. Everyone is welcome so she wants to support more woman in rock n roll. No body in music should be competing. Its amazing when you can find the right bandmates and elements and come together to create something great. As soon as Pipeman heard the song it brought him back to high school. Josie and the pussycat are one of the best albums to Suzi. That was the first introduction to a girl band growing up. When Suzi writes songs, she tries to serve the greats before her. She wants to contribute the best she can. She spends a lot of time writing making sure the songs are the best they can. She goes to her guitarist to show her how to play a part on the guitar when she sings it to him. Drew is a huge part of how the band operates and flows. Songs are better when she plays them through with Drew. In her early band she would do most of the writing and workshop before bringing to her first band. Now it’s a more collaborative effort with the band. Every time green day comes to town Suzi goes to watch them. They inspire Suzi till this day. The next single coming out on the EP named Animal is also named Animal comes out April 1st with Pirates press records. It has a smells like teen spirit kind of heaviness to it. With this new Ep it has 3 new tracks. She was influenced by Nirvana and Screaming J Hawkins. Suzi is not in the box and uses her influences. When recording after getting the vocals and parts down they like to mess around and see if anything comes of it. You can connect with Suzi on all social media platforms. You can stream on all major streaming platforms. The Animal EP presale is up. You’ll get a signed poster if you pre order. New video on YouTube for first single Gold Record Autograph. Suzi is touring the entire US with Teenage Bottle Rocket. They will also tour with Ravagers.

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