March 23, 2022

PipemanRadio Discusses Blooming Out of Stuckness with Cindy Hurn

PipemanRadio Discusses Blooming Out of Stuckness with Cindy Hurn

The Pipeman interviews Cindy Hurn. She hosts her own show called The Cindy Hurn Show on W4CY Radio. Thanks, Cindy. Well, everything is in energy. So, all my work is based on that premise that everything is energy. So, when we look at the seasons,...

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The Pipeman interviews Cindy Hurn. She hosts her own show called The Cindy Hurn Show on W4CY Radio. Thanks, Cindy. Well, everything is in energy. So, all my work is based on that premise that everything is energy. So, when we look at the seasons, we've just come out of the winter slumber. So, our energy has been quite introverted, probably quite a surgical, you know, you're just like that Big Bear that pulls into the hibernation. And then spring comes and with spring there's growth and it's an energy that's tapping us on the shoulder, but we must respond to that. And the best way to respond to it is to ask yourself questions. What do you want? How do you want to change? All this energy is available not only for your garden, but it's available for you, so I find it an incredibly exciting time of year. Probably my favorite. Oh yeah, and, you know, I'll tell you a secret that you might not know. One of my favorite things about spring is the cherry blossoms blooming. Yeah. Well, any blossom for me? Any blossoms and you know I'm in England and spring comes the actual change in weather comes quite early, usually in in February. We're starting to get blossoms. So, by now everything is just so alive and the leaves on the trees are just starting to happen. So again, great time of year, but let's internalize that a bit. Let's what is the springtime of yourself? What do you want to change? What have you been thinking about over the winter slumber that you know is stirring inside there and wants to happen? Now is the time. To start planning it, it's like any farmer would be out there tilling their soil, getting their soil ready, putting in those early seeds. What are you doing for yourself? That's what I really want to know. well, you know what else to coincidentally your amazing book the sticky book of stuckness what's holding you back I think it's perfect for this time of year. Yes. And I think you know the sticky book is darkness is really, good for helping you to see how your energy is stuck and how do we know we're stuck because our mood is low because we're frustrated because we just feel that we just can't create anything new. We feel a sense of hopelessness. We fall into the same patterns that annoy us, and nothing new ever happens for us. So, everything is energy, so it's the same with us when our energy is vital and strong, it's just flowing. And when you when your energy is flowing, you feel very, very alive, but the opposite happens when it gets stuck, then it dulls. Down and it dulls down into a state of apathy, unhappiness, frustration, anger, fear. All those difficult parts that we all have. But they seem to move in and take residence. So. With the book, it's a good companion to be able to see yourself cause. You know, it's like Pipeman. We can't really see ourselves. It's quite hard to see what we're doing and what we are, what we're not doing. So having that reflection that really in very common-sense ways. You know, it gives you an example. Are you a procrastinator? And why are you procrastinating? A lot of people procrastinate because it's a way of just pushing something into the future. But in your mind. Your imagination is telling that you know you will do it. You'll get around to it. So, it takes the pressure off. But we also know if we're procrastinators. It gets it, builds up the pressure. More and more in our heads. So how do we learn to just act to grab hold of our energy and just do what we need to do or? Do what we want to do. And you know, nature doesn't procrastinate. Nature isn't kind of hanging back saying I can't be bothered. Or what if or I don't know how. Or it could never happen for me. Nature just gets on with it. And you know as well as I do that, we are nature. We are human nature, but we're still nature and we have that desire to grow, to blossom, to create, you know, to come to fruit and to reap what we've created. So, what's holding you back? What's holding you back? It's a good question to ask yourself. And we all do it. We all do it. The thing about energy is that it flows, and it gets stuck. It flows and it gets stuck. And awareness. Awareness is about being able to see. When you're stuck in the early stages of that stuckness. So that you don't get locked into it. And you know, that's my. That's who I am. My work is all about. increasing awareness helping people to see more food they are where they are what they are they are. Both in the book I wrote the sticky books toughness, but also the book of myself. That just makes life a lot easier. Having awareness. Simply means. You can see so much more of what is going on otherwise? otherwise, what happens is we just end up reacting everything. Precisely, I mean, I talk about this on my radio show, which is. The way that I see life is, as you see it, so life therefore is all about perspective. How do you view life and when you think about perspective, imagine you can take every person in the world, and you sit them shoulder to shoulder and incredibly large circle? Now in the center of that circle, there's a shape that's changing color, texture, size. And that shape in the center of Circle is called life. so doesn't it just make sense that depending upon where you're sitting in that circle is how you're going to view that shape and that's going to be different than someone else. And you can find out everything you want to know about me within reason on my website. Which is When you go on there, you'll see all the links to my social media. And my email if you'd like to work with me. When you see it, you'll see that I offer a lot of transformational work. So, when as a transformational coach, which is what I am, that just means I'm a life coach with a real big difference because I'm really not only changing the outside of your life, but I’m also changing the inside of your life.

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