March 11, 2022

PipemanRadio Interviews Capital Theatre

PipemanRadio Interviews Capital Theatre

The Pipeman interviews Capital Theatre, a distinctive new alternative rock group based out of New Zealand whose debut full-length album A HERO’S JOURNEY is out June 24.
Melodic and edgy, its 10 guitar/keyboard-driven tracks take inspiration from...

The Pipeman interviews Capital Theatre, a distinctive new alternative rock group based out of New Zealand whose debut full-length album A HERO’S JOURNEY is out June 24.
Melodic and edgy, its 10 guitar/keyboard-driven tracks take inspiration from Joseph Campbell’s book The Hero with a Thousand Faces, using its seminal study of the archetypal hero as a lens for exploring the human condition in chaotic times.
A HERO’S JOURNEY was recorded with Grammy Award-winning legendary producer Mike Clink (Guns N’ Roses, Steve Vai) at NRG Studios in Los Angeles, CA along with some guitar recordings being completed at Slash’s Snakepit Studio. From song to song, the band reveals the undeniable chemistry they honed through years of playing local pubs back home in Auckland, with A-list guest musicians like Jane’s Addiction bassist Chris Chaney and Bon Jovi lead guitarist Phil X.
The band has shared a provocative music video for its latest single, “Delicately Poised,” underlining the track’s exploration of the human identity. Filmed at an adult entertainment club in Barcelona and with live footage taken in New Zealand, the video highlights authenticity and diversity. CAPITAL THEATRE co-directed the video with Bruno Amaral Pereira and Julie Gomez of Kalapa Studios and also by Alex Hargreaves who shot the NZ-based content of the band’s performance.
They have a clown character that came about by accident. Was influenced by a recent video of theirs. A Hero’s Journey coming out June 24th. They started recording in 2020 in LA. Halfway through the recording then the lockdown started. There’s a big crescendo part in the album. You get a good set of 10 songs which all have a place on the album. They will be recording another album in LA when this record is released. They finished up remotely worked on the studio. A lot of the shows in New Zealand got canceled and haven’t play this record much. They are close to finished writing on the second album. The video delinquently poise is a product of them being in lockdown and not being able to shoot. The scene is an adult club in Barcelona. They filmed their part in NZ and merged them together. You can connect with them on all social media platforms. You can stream on all major platforms. You can watch their videos on youtube. Working on facetime tested the patience but ended up working out.

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