Nov. 3, 2021

PipemanRadio Interviews John Corabi

PipemanRadio Interviews John Corabi

On this interview, the Pipeman interviewed John Corabi. John Corabi, the Nashville, TN -based iconic frontman, has released his new single “Cosi Bella (So Beautiful)” today. The song is available now on all digital platforms:

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On this interview, the Pipeman interviewed John Corabi. John Corabi, the Nashville, TN -based iconic frontman, has released his new single “Cosi Bella (So Beautiful)” today. The song is available now on all digital platforms:
A video for the song can be viewed at this location:
“Cosi Bella (So Beautiful)” was produced and co-written in Nashville, TN, with Marti Frederiksen (Aerosmith, Ozzy Osbourne). “Cosi Bella (So Beautiful)” is the first of several new singles coming!
First show at Monsters on the Mountains. Vince fell off the stage. John played on the same stage. Pipeman ended a show in the mid-80s Savage Grace show doing a stage dive crowd moved and knocked out his teeth. Playing live made John rethink a lot of things since covid19. John started recording an album with Marty Fredrickson then covid hit. More then 90% of Johns income from touring. John has done 15 records in his career to date. John didn’t know how to record himself. John took protools class. Learned to record music. Wrote a book. All during quarantine. 2019 doing 100- 125 shows a year. 2019 left the dead daisies. March 2020 to last weekend only did 8-10 gigs. John’s new song is a good rock n roll song. Johns been doing interviews for the new song. Marty was the one that said why are you doing a record. Small percentage of people are buying physical copies of your music. Downloads and streaming is the way to release music. In the last 10 years John sold the most records on his personal website, amazon and shows. Release singles while you are creating the album. Now its about being creative. John’s new music wants to be very musical 70s influenced. John’s greatest influenced by the Beatles. John loved the newer Beatles music. The more creative les formula type songs. John loves experimenting. First solo show was acoustic. First solo song was electric. MTV helped skyrocket a lot of bands careers. John never been a fan of MTV. The music industry changed. Johns new record was recorded and produced in his room on a laptop. Marty then finished the record at his house on a laptop. Back I the day record labels would throw money at them. Now bands need a following to get money. DJs have taken the rock stars off the air. Technology is awesome but also made the listeners kind of lazy. on facebook, and all social platforms. A lot of Johns acoustic shows are story telling type shows. John was into bands like Led Zeppelin.

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