Feb. 21, 2022

PipemanRadio Interviews Sara Banta About Depression

PipemanRadio Interviews Sara Banta About Depression

The Pipeman interviews Sara Banta. They are going to talk about how to beat depression. With everything going on depression has rose. Depression is different than anxiety. There is no way to diagnose depression medically. BDF is Brain derived...

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The Pipeman interviews Sara Banta. They are going to talk about how to beat depression. With everything going on depression has rose. Depression is different than anxiety. There is no way to diagnose depression medically. BDF is Brain derived neurotrophic factor. More BDF is good. Gives you mental alertness. Gives you more dopamine and serotonin. Happy you're having the Blues sleeping more than normal we're anxieties more of chronic stress worry panic attacks but what was shocking to me is there's actually no way to diagnose depression physically except for there's a strong link between low BDNF and depression and you're probably wondering what BDNF is well BDNF is brain derived neurotrophic factor and in the health space I've always heard about beating up that you want more of it more is good more makes you smarter and your brain more flexible and memories better higher thinking it reduces inflammation in the body gives you that mental alertness it's also increases the absorption of neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin I imagine that those are the field so we want those hormones to be high and I want to also before we go further with antidepressants the way they work is they block the receptor sites for serotonin in these feel good hormones so that your brain thinks there's more serotonin circling in in the blood and says oh my gosh well we're good we've got plenty so then what happens is it actually shuts down the production of serotonin even more because it thinks it's got plenty so then someone says well I’m going to get off my antidepressant and they get off of serotonin in their body. Falls off a Cliff because now they're not even making the amount that they were making when they decided to get themselves onto it and a depressant. So that's something to think about. If you are currently taking an antidepressant, you don't ever want to quit cold Turkey. you want it to do it with the guidance of a doctor and with some other natural remedies that we're going to be talking about in the background building up and natural production. I mean why are you taking the drug where the side effect is what you're trying to avoid that it's help with your depression. And if you've heard me on this show before, a lot of these things you've heard me talk about for other facts, like you know, beating chronic disease, helping your thyroid health, helping your metabolism, helping your physical energy, will all those factors. If you think about it. you have low physical energy or a low thyroid. I talk about accelerating your body, mind and spirit, cause they're all connected, but the first one is the accelerating iodine and iodine deficiency is the number one predictor of depression. It is also related to that low metabolism, low metabolism, low physical energy, mental fog, and chronic fatigue. And I don't increase, is that BDNF and opens your pineal gland, which in some religions they call your third eye and helps you have a stronger connection to God or your higher self. And all these factors can lead someone from being depressed to feeling better and elevating their mood. Opening their pineal gland, helping them feel more awake, increasing their energy, increasing their thyroid health because you need iodine for T4 and T3, that's the four and the three molecules of iodine in those in those thyroid numbers, and without enough iodine. You're not going to have the building blocks to have your thyroid work and produce energy. The other thing is, is that accelerating increases that ATP and number that we've talked about in the past, which is true, cellular energy. And as that number increases significantly with the iodine your cells. Themselves are going to have more energy in them, whether it's in your brain or your body, and this second one is something that is cool. It's the accelerated gold and gold has been known for thousands of years to help with anxiety depression, calming the mind, increasing focus, concentration and sleep. And all these factors affect and improve via BDNF. Gold was one of the three gifts to Jesus. Now they weren't giving Jesus little gold coins. That's not what they were doing. They were giving him liquid gold because gold has been known for thousands of years for these. Benefits and then the accelerated scalar gold helps that boost that mental wellbeing, but it's also enhanced with the scalar technology and the water implosion technology to increase efficacy and the absorption of the gold. It's really a cool supplement. A lot of. even kids and even animals really respond well to the accelerated gold and there's no placebo effect in in children and animals. And in fact, exercise is the quickest and best way to increase that BDNF number. And that's why when after you do a run or a heavy lifting session you have this new energy sense of energy and upliftment because you have. triggered some happy hormones you've triggered more neuroplasticity in the brain that BDNF does so much for the and the body. Sleep is needed and helps with depression. Sunlight we all need to get out in the sun and just taking a vitamin D simple supplement isn't going to give you what you need. You need that sunlight. It's very therapeutic and it increases that BDNF. Now should you take a vitamin D supplement as well? Yes, but you really need that sun. Not only does it increase BDNF, but it stabilizes the blood sugar. It heals your leaky gut, and your gut is where it makes its air, serotonin and other happy hormones. It reduces systemic inflammation in the brain and the body, and all these things have a very positive. impact on mood. The next one is magnesium. Magnesium is a natural antidepressant. It runs over 3700 of your 9000 enzymes. Your metabolism and energy production depend on it. You need it for digestion, absorption, and assimilation of food. But magnesium also improves. Sleep relaxes the body. it's important and you've heard me talk about the benefits of wild animal protein while here's another one that is what you get your B vitamins from you do not get your B vitamins from a vegan diet and depression is linked to B3 deficiency and B1 deficiency is linked to anxiety. Talked about before the eon patches and anti-inflammatory anti stress happy patch. You put it on. It flips you into parasympathetic mode within 15 minutes and you just feel calm, and it reduces inflammation, and it will help with BDNF. And then you've got the X39 which is the stem cell activation patch. This is going to activate your own body stem cell and it's going to help with mental clarity more joy, elevated mood lowering inflammation throughout the body, recovering and reversing a cellular aging much quicker. Just the benefits are significant. the ones called nirvana and Alveda those both help with oxidative stress reducing stress and helping with sleep increasing antioxidants stimulating the brain in the frontal lobe and the pineal gland to activate it to help with mood and clarity. Because, as I mentioned before, if you've got a leaky gut, you are going to have a problem with all your hormones, your female and male sex hormones, and your happy hormones. Your body just doesn't have the building blocks to produce those hormones, and that leaky gun bundle really repairs your gut. and creates a healthy microbiome which improves your immune system your physical energy mental energy and it all comes together in one nice package. The right attitude is part of the change in depression. Exercise is some of the best ways for health. All different types of working out can help. Sara is doing a blog on exercise.

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